The livestream event begins Tuesday at 4:55 AM EST / 9:55 GMT.

Those who remember the original Aston Martin Lagonda – surely you all remember the beyond strange, long-snouted Lagonda saloon – will know it’s a nameplate with a storied history. Some people absolutely adore the outrageous design, others not-so-much. Now, Aston Martin has a new Lagonda debuting at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show, in concept form anyway. You can watch the event live right here at The action starts on Tuesday at 09:55 GMT.


What can we expect to see in this concept vehicle? Teasers thus far have told us this will be an all-terrain vehicle with a distinct crossover theme. With a name like Lagonda, expect a very long nose with a raked greenhouse, not unlike the Lagonda Vision concept we saw last year at Geneva. The new concept will also be a full-on electric vehicle, though stats at this point are completely unknown.

This new Lagonda should further hone-in on Aston Martin’s future design language that will carry the company into the future. And yes, that future will see a Lagonda enter production.