See this new, built from the ground up Italian exotic before its public debut this week.

Mole Contruzione Artigianale isn't about reimagining what the next Alfa Romeo 4C could look like this year. After a bunch of teaser images of its all-new supercar, our colleagues from Motor1 Italy got the opportunity to shoot the all-new supercar for a detailed walkaround video before its public debut at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show. 

Named Almas by Mole Contruzione Artigianale, the new exotic supercar is just as equally stunning as their previous work with the re-imagined next 4C

Almas Mole Artisanal Construction

Here's what we know so far about the new supercar. The Mole Almas is built from the ground up, which means it doesn't share its platform or any parts with any existing cars of today. It's made by the Adler Group and specifically designed and created by Umberto Palermo and Paolo Scudieri.

Almas Mole Artisanal Construction

In addition, the Mole Almas is meant to be a GT car. It's 4,730 millimetres long, 1,980 mm wide, 1,218 mm high, and with a wheelbase of 2,600 mm. Its body is made of carbon fibre, albeit not exposed, while the interior exudes refinement with leather trims. 

As it's slotted as a GT car, the Mole Almas is gifted with convenience and comfort features, while relying on electronics for security. Although, the car is also pegged to be pure and unadulterated to be able to join a GT race.

Almas Mole Artisanal Construction

At the time of the walkaround shoot, the Almas doesn't have an engine yet. But it was said that its internal combustion engine would also be built from the ground up and Mole is currently analysing the use of hydrogen as its fuel.

We're guessing more information will be disclosed at the time of the Mole Almas' public debut at the 2019 Geneva, so make sure that you stick around for more about this all-new Italian exotic supercar.

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