20 years – that's how long it has been since Pagani has introduced the Zonda hypercar. From almost being called the Fangio F1 to now-bearing the name of an air current, the Zonda has a rich story within the almost two decades of its lifetime.

Although the production of the Zonda ended in 2017 with the HP Barchetta, there are several one-offs that have been made out of the 760 series. One of them is the aptly-named Zonda Fantasma, which literally means ghost in Italian. While the Fantasma has a very interesting story of its own, the subsequent events leading to its remake are equally interesting – and there's no better way to hear the story than straight from its owner in Hong Kong.

Gallery: Pagani Zonda Fantasma Evo

On the video on top of this page, you'll witness the Fantasma Evo in the metal, as filmed by the Youtube channel Seen Through Glass. The owner's name is Jon Hui and although he didn't want to show himself in front of the camera, he was gracious enough to share the story of the Fantasma Evo with his own voice.

The Zonda Fantasma Evo was introduced in 2017. It's a one-of-one version of the Fantasma, which was a rebuilt of a Metallic Orange 760 with chassis number 53 that suffered a crash in 2012. As a rebuilt model, the Fantasma has exposed carbon fibre body with a reddish maroon finish and Tricolore outlines.

However, the rebuilt version wasn't enough for Jon Hui. Instead, he sent the Fantasma back to Pagani and asked them to make it more hardcore to be worthy of an Evo name. The result? More carbon fibre, a manual gearbox, and a whole new world of Zonda goodness.

The car might be old, but the Fantasma Evo remains to be a desirable 760-bhp hypercar with a rich story to tell. Hear the story from the owner himself on the video above.

Source: Seen Through Glass via Youtube