Here at, we enjoy sharing renderings and concept art for new cars, real and imagined. It's not often, though, that we get to hear the rationale behind certain stylistic choices straight from the artist's mouth.

TheSketchMonkey has produced a YouTube video that shows off a proposal for a 2021 Subaru BRZ. Leading up to the big reveal, they explain their personal history with the brand, and examine current Subaru styling as well as recent concepts to lay the groundwork for their design.

The video starts by explaining the Sketch Monkey's experiences playing Colin McRae Rally on PlayStation as a child, which endured Subaru as a brand to him forever, thanks to their rally heroics. He goes on to explain that Subaru's design language, by contrast to their high-flying WRC antics, is actually fairly subdued and conservative.

Special attention is paid to the C-shaped LEDs that frame the headlights on current Subarus, as well as the Audi-esque hexagonal grille shape that all Subarus have, from the workaday Legacy to the WRX STI.

2021 Subaru BRZ Rendered By The Sketch Monkey

Current concepts maintain that hexagonal grille shape and headlight style, all but eliminating the space inside the headlight. This leaves the C-shaped LEDs to stand on their own, an evolutionary style that's not so radical as to divorce itself completely from the current model lineup. Meanwhile, the bodylines themselves are considerably sharper-edged.

Starting with a promotional photo of a current BRZ, the Sketch Monkey shows us a speedpaint of their design, incorporating the new design concepts seen in prototypes while maintaining the unmistakable look of the BRZ.

It's exciting to watch their concept come to life, and now, knowing the thought process behind it, we find ourselves enjoying it even more.

Source: TheSketchMonkey on YouTube