Any new Ferrari is big news in the motoring world, be it an all-new hypercar or an updated version of a previous model. The new F8 Tributo more-or-less falls into that latter category – it’s a 488 GTB wearing a new suit but the changes go far beyond some minor aero tweaks and power boost. Much like the Bugatti Divo, the new F8 Tributo takes on a whole new persona with its different body panels, all while paying homage to past models like the 308 GTB and the F40. And oh yeah, it also packs Ferrari's most powerful road-going V8 ever used in a mainstream model, sharing the 488 Pista's 710-bhp output.

Yes, the overall shape is familiar, but the best way to see the F8’s evolution from the 488 is to look at them side-by-side. Let’s get to it, with the 488 featured on the left and F8 Tributo on the right.


Ferrari 488 GTB Front
Ferrari F8 Front

Ferrari's press release mentioned the various aero cues taken from the 488 Pista, such as the S-Duct which is redesigned from the Pista and seen here. The new lower fascia further adds extra ducts at the corners, and it's very easy to see the resculptured bonnet as well. Ferrari says the aero changes with the S-Duct alone add 15 percent more downforce to the F8.


Ferrari 488 GTB Rear
Ferrari F8 Rear

Here's where we get a taste of the retro touches Ferrari gave the F8. A completely new rear fascia brings back the quad taillight arrangement and wrap-around rear spoiler from the 308 GTB. Further up, the louvred clear engine cover pays homage to the legendary Ferrari F40.

Front Profile

Ferrari 488 GTB Profile
Ferrari F8 Profile

The front profile view is where you really see the 488's original shape preserved in the F8. The roofline, side glass, and mirrors are spot-on, as is the body sculpting for the side intakes. The intakes themselves are a closer match to those on the 488 Pista, as well as the new lower rocker design.


Ferrari 488 GTB Side
Ferrari F8 Side

Though not a perfect side-on match perspective-wise, these photos help showcase the differences with the side intakes and bonnet sculpting, not to mention the updated spoiler and louvred engine cover. You can also see the black trim at the base of the F8's windscreen.


Ferrari 488 GTB Interior
Ferrari F8 Interior

The interior is updated as well, though the 488's basic design is still intact. That's a new dash, moulded to fit the 488's greenhouse but updated with round air con vents and a remoulded instrument housing that eliminates the tachometer bump. The two-tone colour scheme is also gone, creating a space that some might call subdued. Or rather, as subdued as you can get in a 710-bhp Ferrari.