It is part of a collection of Jaguars being offered for the first time.

A bunch of ultra-rare and historically significant Jaguars are being offered for sale for the very first time by historic car specialists Pendine Historic Cars.

The 'Jaguar Sports Car Collection', a collection of 12 of Jaguar's most historic cars, is currently owned by leading Jaguar collector Dr. Christian Jenny. It includes the first ever Jaguar sports car prototype, the first ever E-Type to be seen in public and the famous 'lost C-Type' (above).

The cars in the collection are being offered individually, with each being fully restored by Jaguar experts and in concours condition.

1952 Jaguar C-Type

"This is without a doubt one of the most impressive and important collections of Jaguars in the world," said James Mitchell, founder of Pendine Historic Cars. "Each car in the collection represents a key milestone through the marque’s early history. Not only have some of these incredible cars played important roles in automotive cultural history, but they are also among the best examples in the world."

Dr. Jenny's collection is described as his 'life's work'. Since the early 1970s, he has built up the collection of definitive Jaguar sports cars. The collection was chronicled in the book 'The Jaguar Sports Car Collection; A Personal Endeavour', which was published in 2014.

1935 Jaguar SS90 Prototype

Jaguar's very first sports car, the 1935 Jaguar S.S. 90 Prototype(above), is among those for sale, along with a 1961 E-Type (below)which was the very first example of the iconic sports car to be seen in public. The hand-built car, which was showcased at the 1961 Geneva motor show, is considered one of the most important non-competition Jaguars ever made.

A 1952 C-Type is also offered. Dubbed the 'lost C-Type', it was the only one of 53 C-Types to be unaccounted for between the late sixties until 1997. Nowadays the car is regarded as a definitive racing car of the 1950s and is highly sought after.

1961 Jaguar E-Type

Those are the headline attractions in the collection, which also includes he first ever production 1935 S.S. 90 to leave the factory, a 1937 S.S. 100 2.2 litre, 1938 S.S. 100 3.5 litre, 1950 XK120 Alloy, 1950 XK120 Roadster, 1955 XK140 Roadster, 1960 XK150 3.8S Roadster, 1961 E-Type and a 1972 V12 Roadster.

Each car is currently located in Switzerland, where it has been maintained to the highest standards in a dedicated subterranean garage.

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