Millions of British motorists are calling for jail time for those guilty of some of the worst driving habits.

The revelation comes from a new survey by car leasing experts, which found that drivers want even the most basic of motoring misdemeanours hit with severe punishments.

More than 2.5 million motorists said that drivers who blind other drivers with their headlights on full beam deserve jail time, while another 2.7 million Brits want those that don't use indicators to be locked up as well. Two million also want similar punishments for slow drivers.

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"We all have our motoring pet hates, many of which we’ve all been guilty of at some time, but it seems that some annoying driving habits really do get Brits hot under the collar," said James Buttrick of Vantage Leasing. "While prison sentences are the harshest punishments, there’s still strong support for community service, driving awareness courses, on-the-spot fines and driving bans for annoying drivers."

"Many annoying driving misdemeanours are already punishable but it is the strong support for really harsh punishments that is so surprising," he added.

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Tailgating and middle lane hogging are other irritating habits that those surveyed wanted punished.

Nearly one-in-three said they would like to see tail-gaters sent on a driving awareness course with 10 percent of respondents thinking a month-long driving ban would be more appropriate.

For middle lane hoggers, four out of 10 said they would want them sent on a driving awareness course, and almost one in five said the most appropriate punishment would be an on-the-spot fine of up to £500.

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