Ziegler Adventure, a German company part of the Ziegler Group and officially certified by Mercedes-Benz, has recently presented what could be the ultimate motorhome on sale today. It’s called the Moghome and – you guessed it – is based on the Unimog multi-purpose all-wheel-drive truck from Daimler.

Let’s make this clear – any motorhome based on the Unimog will take you literally everywhere you want to spend the night. With a ground clearance of 50 cm, it can dive into 1.2-metre deep waters and climb steep hills. It’s ideal for expeditions and long-distance travels, and makes for the perfect basis of a rugged motorhome.

Gallery: Ziegler Adventure Moghome

To this unprecedented off-road capabilities, Ziegler adds a comfortable cabin that can accommodate up to two people on a drop-down large bed. The camper shell also packs a shower area, well-equipped kitchen area with Miele oven, microwave oven, and two induction hob plates, a diesel heater by Webasto, and a few aluminium storage boxes. That’s all part of the standard equipment, while optionally customers can also order an air conditioner for the camper area, a flat-screen TV, radio, and a bike carrier at the back.

And because a Unimog can take you to the end of the world, away from large cities and reliable power supply, it is equipped with a 320-Ah lithium-ion battery pack and a 240-watt solar charging system. There’s also a 230-litre water tank feeding the shower cabin with a Webasto boiler and a Biolit 97 water filter.

Power is provided by the Unimog’s (U 4023) 250-bhp 5.1-litre diesel engine with a peak torque of 664 pound-feet. It is mated to a selectable all-wheel-drive system with low-range gear set, as well as front, rear, and centre differential locks.

Ziegler is currently selling the Moghome for €369,000 or about £315,000 at the current exchange rate. This price doesn’t include the optional equipment.