Drivers in north Wales are the most knowledgeable in the UK when it comes to road laws, according to recent survey.

The results of a quiz set by vehicle servicing and maintenance chain Halfords Autocentres showed that drivers in Gwynedd were the country’s savviest road users, exhibiting the greatest knowledge of motoring rules and car maintenance.

Published online, the quiz asks drivers 11 questions that cover simple vehicle maintenance and safety, as well as the rules of the road. On average, around seven percent of drivers have achieved full marks, but Halfords says almost double that number (13.9 percent) have hit the top score in Gwynedd.

Air pressure gauge measurement from tyre

Drivers in Scotland have fared well in the quiz, too, with Tayside, Orkney & Shetland, Lothian and Fife rounding out the top five most clued-up regions. The most rule-savvy drivers in England, meanwhile, were found in Suffolk, where 9.6 percent of quizzers got every question right. Oddly, just 4.8 percent of drivers in neighbouring Norfolk scored top marks.

But Norfolk’s motorists were by no means the worst performers in the quiz, which saw absolutely no drivers in Rutland achieve a 100-percent score. However, Rutland is England’s smallest county, and it has relatively few drivers - not an excuse that can be used by Buckinghamshire, where just 3.1 percent of motorists were correct on every question.

Bristol completed the bottom three, with just 3.5 percent of drivers managing to get everything right, while Bedfordshire and East Sussex finished off the bottom five.

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“While the quiz is a bit of fun, the results show a vast geographical difference in drivers’ motoring knowledge,” said Andy Randall, the managing director of Halfords Autocentres. “We’d recommend drivers who aren’t sure about the rules at least make sure their cars are roadworthy. Our expert technicians will check your car over for free, to make sure it is in good working order before you head out on the road.”

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Richard Leonard, head of road safety at Highways England, which supported the initiative, said he hoped the quiz would make drivers think about road safety.

"We want all drivers to arrive at their destinations safely and we urge motorists to make sure they are ready for their journey by checking their vehicles beforehand,” he said. "Simple checks to things like tyre tread and pressure along with making sure you have plenty of fuel and oil in the vehicle can all help to prevent breakdowns. This quiz will helpfully remind people about the importance of those checks."