[UPDATE] Ginetta has announced at the Geneva Motor show the name of its new supercar is Akula, which is the Russian word for ‘shark’, and it is priced at £340,000 on the road. Production will be limited to just 20 units in 2020, with 60 percent of this allocation already sold.

We may be moving towards a future with electric performance cars, but that doesn’t mean the old-school, conventionally powered sports car is on its deathbed. On the contrary, Ginetta is trying to prove the tried-and-trusted formula still works in 2019 and their new supercar is for those not yet sold on the idea of embracing electrification.

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At the heart of the yet-to-be-named creation is a compact and lightweight 6.0-litre V8 engine developing somewhere in the region of 575 bhp and 520 pound-feet of torque. The eight-cylinder mill works together with a Ginetta-developed sequential six-speed gearbox and a differential linked to the engine through a carbon fibre tailshaft.


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Speaking of carbon fibre, it was also used for the body panels and tub chassis to keep weight down to an impressively low 940 kilograms despite being Ginetta’s biggest road car to date. The front mid-engined supercar has a body perfected in Williams’ wind tunnel to boost aero and generate 376 kilograms of downforce at 100 mph, which is almost on a par with the company’s LMP3 race car.

Ginetta supercar

Ginetta plans to kick off production towards the end of the year and commence customer deliveries in January 2020. Meanwhile, we’ll get to find out the supercar’s name next week at the Geneva Motor Show where the Leeds-based marque will also disclose the price tag. For the time being, we only know it costs under £400,000.

Even though the car is getting its official debut today, Ginetta has already received 14 orders, which is enough to keep them busy for a while considering it will make 20 units in the first production year. Running at full capacity, 30 to 50 will be built annually.

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