Here’s an interesting battle as you enjoy the weekend. Not the Alfa-AMG battle featured above from Top Gear, which is certainly interesting in its own right. We’re talking about the battle of names, because these two SUVs contain more letters than a bowl of alphabet soup. Alfa Romeo Stelvio Quadrifoglio is 28 characters by itself, and though it’s shorter, Mercedes-Benz GLC 63 AMG is still a mouthful and then some. Perhaps the real race here is whether you can say the names of these high-performance SUVs before they actually reach the finish line.

Thankfully, we have abbreviations for such things, so we can simply enjoy the straight-line matchup between the AMG GLC 63 and the Stelvio QV. On paper, the two people movers are virtually identical, with the Alfa’s 505-bhp twin-turbo V6 barely edging out the GLC 63’s 503-bhp twin-turbo V8. Both turn all four wheels, both weigh nearly the same, and lest we forget, both are Nürburgring record holders. That is, the Alfa was a record holder, until the AMG took its title as the fastest SUV last November by just under two seconds. As such, there’s some serious competition between these two models.

Gallery: Mercedes-AMG GLC 63 VS Alfa Romeo Stelvio Quadrifoglio Drag Race

The drag race is a simple sprint with Top Gear presenter Rory Reid holding station in the Alfa. We don’t know the length of the run, but we do know one thing – the only real difference between these two SUVs is torque, and the AMG’s bigger 4.0-litre engine holds a distinct advantage. We see that at the start as the Merc pulls away ever-so-slightly, but can it hold the lead through the finish line?

Most drag races are won or lost at the start, but the Alfa is quite a machine. We’ll let the video do the talking for the final outcome on this one.

Source: Top Gear