AlloyGator thinks it can reduce the amount of damage potholes on UK roads cause.

Potholes really are a major problem on UK roads, and while councils don't look to be doing enough to eradicate the plague, thankfully others are doing their bit.

AlloyGator is one of those combatting the pothole problem, and its wheel protection system has gotten some prestigious approval by TÜV SÜD in the Czech Republic, which is renowned for product testing and safety compliance.


The company believes that the more motorists that adopts its system, the few damaged wheels there will be on UK roads.

"Pothole damage is the blight of British motorists and AlloyGator is leading the charge to help car owners tackle this problem," said Curt Rathbone, managing director at AlloyGator."Although it is unlikely that extra funding will magically appear to fix this nationwide road problem, motorists can take matters into their own hands and protect their alloy wheels should the worse happen and they unexpectedly hit a pothole."

"The even better news is that TÜV SÜD approval is further proof that AlloyGators are a proven, superior solution to alloy wheel protection."

AlloyGator sadly might have some way to go to convince motorists though, because a recent survey has indicated that millions of cars in the UK are being driven around with damaged alloy wheels.


"The resale value of a car, as well as its styling and appearance, can be affected by the appearance of its alloy wheels. Unfortunately, most of us have struck a kerb or hit a deep pothole when out driving, causing some fairly costly and nasty damage to our car’s wheels," added Rathbone. "Fitting AlloyGators protects the alloy wheels from such damage."

AlloyGator's wheel protection system is made from super-tough nylon and are available in a range of colours. They are designed to fit between the wheel rim and the tyre, protecting the wheel and reducing the risk of damaged caused by scuffs from kerbs and potholes.

They can be bought in sets or individually, and can be bought with a professional fitting service, or with a handy self-fitting kit.