With a starting price of £72,155 for the base xDrive30d, the all-new BMW X7 is by far not your typical mainstream vehicle for everyday use. With just a few clicks in the options list, you can easily end up being quoted a six-figure price. Why are we saying all this? Because there’s some frustration in our heads when we watch BMW promote its first standard seven-seat vehicle as an everyday hero.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that, of course, as long as you can afford to spend about £100,000 for a daily ride. To allure you to drain your Amex Black Card, BMW is releasing a one-minute promotional video of the X7 in which the SUV is driven to its limits.

The spot features Star Trek actor Chris Pine, the voice of BMW for years, who tells the story of Ol’ McLanden, a modern-day superhero who “outraced the rogues around Razorback Ridge and the trolls who dug holes on the Barnaby Bridge.” The character drives through all kinds of obstacles, including construction sites, broken bridges, and dockyards. At the end of the commercial, it turns out that McLanden is a woman who simply drives to an independent school to pick up her kids.

“It boasts all the luxury and power of a BMW, despite its size,” says Roger Baran, creative director at Goodby Silverstein & Partners Baran, the agency that recorded the ad. “So we turned upside down the idea that this is an epic BMW that defies the norm to create a legend that has never been heard of, a normal commute from work to home but taken to epic proportions. And that’s how we came up with ‘Legend,’ a folktale praising the heroics of an unknown hero named McLanden. The hero could be any one of us.”

The promotional video airs officially today.

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