Nissan x Opus camper concept uses the batteries from old EVs as a power supply.

Nissan has teamed up with trailer tent firm Opus to create a “smart camping concept” that uses recycled batteries from old electric cars to provide a week’s worth of power.

The Nissan x Opus camper uses the Japanese company’s Roam portable weatherproof power pack, which houses 700 Wh of energy inside cells recovered from first-generation Nissan electric vehicles. Nissan says it’s a way of ensuring a second life for the cells, which have outlived their useful life in vehicles.

However, in the Nissan x Opus camper, the Roam unit provides power to the trailer tent’s 230-volt power system and charges the ‘leisure battery’ that runs the on-board 12-volt power system. Aided by a solar panel setup, Nissan claims the system is good for about seven days of camping away from the grid.

Nissan x Opus Camper Concept

The system will also power the on-board air compressor, which is used to inflate the ‘air poles’ that support the Opus’ tent structure. Opus claims the tent can be erected in around 90 seconds, providing room for six beds and a living/dining area. Cooking facilities are also included, along with a range of device charging ports, a wi-fi hotspot and even a pull-out projector to play feature films or TV shows.

Nissan x Opus Camper Concept

Francisco Carranza, managing director of Nissan Energy said the concept showed how the brand’s battery technology could be re-used.

“Nissan’s leadership in energy services means we are not only transforming the way people drive, but also the way we live,” he said. “The Nissan x Opus concept is a real-world example of how Nissan Energy Roam can integrate into our lifestyles – in this case the hugely popular leisure activity of camping.”

“Our customers already have the ability to take control of their energy use at home through Nissan’s residential storage solutions. Now we can give them complete independence to experience ‘off-grid’ adventures. The new Nissan Energy Roam can deliver clean, sustainable power to the most remote of locations, and be enjoyed by everyone.”

Nissan x Opus Camper Concept

Jonathan Harrison, managing director, Opus said the power pack negated the need for a fossil fuel generator in off-grid locations.

"Opus owners really love getting out into the wild and enjoying the more remote corners of the countryside,” he said. “At the moment, to go ‘off-grid’ for any lengthy period, you either turn to a fossil-fuel generator – which isn’t good for air quality or a peaceful camping ambience – or you compromise on the power you can use with existing battery solutions.”

“This new concept integrating Nissan Energy ROAM is answering real customer needs. Soon campers might be able to take whichever road – or unbeaten track – they choose, safe in the knowledge they will be connected to a robust and sustainable energy supply.”

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