Lego is insane to make a lifesize Bugatti Chiron Lego Technic set that's perfectly functioning and drivable. However, there were two guys that decided that they're more insane than Lego by doing something that even Doug DeMuro has approved of – a full detailed review of the lifesize Lego Bugatti Chiron. 

The video, which is full of dry humour and keen eyes for details was uploaded by TheStraightPipes on Youtube, in hopes of giving in-depth information about the Bugatti Chiron in its Lego form. And no, they didn't crash it like what happened in the scale Lego model.

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To recall, the life-size Lego Bugatti Chiron was made from around one million Lego Technic pieces. It took a total of 13,438 hours to develop and create the Lego model, which was a lot of time to make a toy, really.

What's commendable about the Lego Bugatti Chiron is its similarities with the real thing. Mimicking the shape of the Chiron, the exterior of the Lego 1:1 model is made up of interconnected triangular segments that make up an outer skin structure. The car also features a rear spoiler and a working front and rear lights. 

Probably the most intriguing thing about the life-size Lego Bugatti Chiron is the fact that it's drivable. It's not as fast as the real Chiron, though, but still, it has 5.3 bhp and an estimated 67 lb-ft of torque. It uses 2,304 motors, 4,032 gear wheels, and 2,016 cross axles, allowing the car to be driven at a maximum speed of up to 12 miles per hour.

Even better, the lifesize Lego Bugatti Chiron doesn't have glued parts, which means there was a tremendous amount of effort from the Lego Technic team. Kudos to these guys.

Source: TheStraightPipes via Youtube