If you're looking for a ride around the Nürburgring, but you lack the equipment, skill, or desire to do it yourself, a 'Ring taxi might be the ticket for you. A professional driver will be happy to chauffeur you around a lightning lap of the famous Nordschleife in a specially-prepared race car.

The privilege doesn't come cheap, though: a lap riding shotgun in a BMW M3 will run €269, while a seat in a McLaren 720S will run €299. That's about £235 to £261, respectively. It's quite a chunk of change, considering that you won't be driving the famous track, but merely riding along.

However, when you consider the costs involved, hitching a ride in a 'Ring taxi is a downright bargain. This YouTube from Misha Charoudin breaks down all of the costs of running a Nürburgring taxi operation, from the driving talent, to the cars themselves, to the maintenance on those same cars.

The bulk of the video has them sitting in the stripped-out shell of a BMW M3 as it's upgraded and prepared for another season of ferrying speed junkies around the famous track. Last year, the M3 made over 1100 laps around the Nürburgring. That's a lot of tyres, a lot of brakes, and a ton of other maintenance, too.

Part of the Nürburgring's appeal lies in its brutality. At just under 13 miles, it's the longest racing track in the world – and it's downright abusive to cars. While driving your own car on the famous Nordschleife may seem appealing, there are a lots of costs to factor in beyond your entry fee, from tyres to brake pads to driveshafts.

The Nürburgring is also one of the most beautiful tracks in the world, so seeing it as it was meant to be seen – with an expert driver behind the wheel and a distraction-free view of the surrounding forest – sounds very appealing to us. Of course, we won't blame you for wanting to drive it yourself – just to say you did.

Source: Misha Charoudin on YouTube