How far could Bugatti's designers go with such a huge pile of money at their disposal?

Rumours are swirling that Bugatti intends to unveil an £13.9-million one-off vehicle at the Geneva Motor Show. The design house E. Milano now imagines one possible look for this unique machine by putting a longtail rear onto a Chiron.


The design is attractive by elongating the Chiron's rear and sculpting it downward to create a more aerodynamic appearance. Tiny vents in the fenders and in the rear deck accentuate the look. E. Milano adds giant, turbine-style wheels to this rendering, which gives the hypercar an even more aggressive look.

Former Volkswagen Group Chairman Ferdinand Piëch is reportedly the one-off Bugatti's buyer, and we hope for an alleged price of £13.9 million that he's getting more than just a Chiron with a different rear end. The money would buy roughly three examples of the limited-run Bugatti Divo, and the cash seems like enough to specify a completely new body for the hypercar. 

Other details about the unique Bugatti largely remain a mystery at this point. We suspect that it still packs the brand's 8.0-litre, quad-turbo W16, though.

If Piëch really paid £13.9 million for the custom Bugatti, then the machine takes the record for the most expensive new car ever. The previous record holder was the 2017 Rolls-Royce Sweptail that allegedly sold for £10 million.

The 2019 Geneva Motor Show begins in early March, so there isn't too long of a wait to find out if these rumours are true. will have a team at the Swiss event, and we'll be keeping a very close eye out for the unique Bugatti.