The final season of Top Gear with its current lineup hasn’t officially started yet, but the next generation is already making headlines. Digital Spy learned that Freddie Flintoff – one of two new hosts slated to replace Matt LeBlanc and Rory Reid – had a bit of an off-track incident during a recent race being filmed in the English town of Mansfield. It seems the ghost of Richard Hammond still haunts the BBC motoring show, though technically, he’s still alive and well, and that means he can't be a ghost. Still, you get the point.

There were no injuries, but several bales of hay were brutally slaughtered as the vintage Subaru Brat he was driving catastrophically understeered off the damp course. The report says the town centre had been blocked off for an electric race of some kind, and the above video does show a steady stream of silent vehicles driving past the camera. This is thought to be a segment that will appear in the next season of the famous BBC motoring show, and Flintoff’s Brat – with its larger-than-life Subaru WRC livery – certainly fits the bill for some kind of cheap car challenge.

Freddie Flintoff Top Gear Crash

After slicing through the hay, Flintoff came to a stop underneath an empty market stall. The Subie seemed no worse for wear, and aside from some bent poles, the stall seemed okay as well. After a short low-speed transition to find his way back on-course, Flintoff was off as if nothing happened.

Freddie Flintoff Top Gear Crash

We’re not sure how this will all fit into the 27th season of Top Gear. A camera truck was seen towards the beginning of the clip, but it moved long before Flintoff skidded off the track. We assume there are in-car cameras catching the action, but for now, the only footage that seems available is the clip at the top of this article. Perhaps Sir Razma (as listed on YouTube) will get a friendly request from the BBC asking for video rights.

The final season of Top Gear with LeBlanc and Reid should begin in just a few days. LeBlanc is leaving the show and Reid will shift exclusively to hosting the wrap-up show Extra Gear. Chris Harris will continue for season 27 with new hosts Flintoff and Paddy McGuinness.

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