Manifattura Automobili Torino (MAT) will reportedly unveil a version of the New Stratos with a manual gearbox at the Geneva Motor Show in March. It'll become an option on the production models, too. 

In addition to debuting the manual gearbox, MAT will also display its first completed examples of the New Stratos at the Geneva show. The car with serial number 001 will go to a buyer in Germany, and the second unit will hit the roads in the United States. 

Gallery: New Stratos at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show

"To be able to present our production models of the New Stratos is something special: we are confident of the quality that we have achieved, and we are proud to show it to the world from this stage." Paolo Garella, MAT's CEO, said, according to Allcarindex.

MAT debuted its New Stratos at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show and pledged to build a limited run of 25 of them. The supercar uses the platform and engine from a donor Ferrari 430 Scuderia, but the wheelbase is 7.87 inches (200 millimeters) shorter. The company then drapes the retro-inspired body over the machine. 

In addition to giving MAT a 430 Scuderia for the conversion, MAT requires 500,000 euros (£440,000 at the current exchange rate) for the conversion work. At last year's debut, the company promised to offer a high-riding Safari variant and a GT track-focused version, but neither of these have arrived yet.

MAT's New Stratos looks nearly identical to the concept from 2010. German car collector Michale Stoschek financed this original creation with a body by one-time Saab design director Jason Castriota. Pininfarina was originally supposed to produce the panels but eventually stepped away from the plan when Ferrari got upset about the intention to use 430 Scuderias as the donor vehicles.