The ultralight single-seater packs up to 560 bhp and weighs just 555 kg.

When it comes to lightweight machines reserved for the circuit, companies such as BAC, Ariel, KTM, and Radical offer an assortment of models catering those in the market for a raw sports car engineered for track days. Is there room in this niche for a new contender? U.S.-based Vandal Cars thinks so, which is why they’re ready to introduce their first product, aptly named “One.”

Vandal One

The back-to-basics track toy is a purists’ delight, weighing a mere 555 kilograms thanks to a carbon fibre monocoque wrapped in a carbon fibre body. Its heart and soul is a turbocharged 2.0-litre petrol engine borrowed from the 306-bhp Honda Civic Type R, much like it’s the case with the Ariel Atom 4. While the latter offers 320 bhp, the new Vandal One has an extra 20 bhp for a grand total of 340 bhp. Should you want even more power, the hardcore R version will lift output to a massive 560 bhp at a screaming 9,000 rpm.

Vandal One

In charge of putting all that power to the wheels is a six-speed sequential gearbox from Sadev, while the suspension is derived from Formula 1 cars by featuring a pushrod front and rear setup with adjustable dampers. Anti-roll bars and custom spring rates are also part of the package, with the stopping power coming from four-pot aluminium calipers teamed up with ventilated rotors to generate more than 2Gs of braking force.

Vandal One

Since it was conceived exclusively for the track, the Vandal One comes with a handy companion in the form of an advanced cloud-based telemetry system able to record just about every type of info drivers would want. Real-time engine and chassis data will be accessible, as will be what the company referrers to as the “world’s first remote driver coaching app and program.”

In terms of pricing, the base model kicks off at $119,700 (approx £92,800 at the current exchange rate) before taxes and you’ll need to make $1,000 (£775) refundable deposit to put your name on the waiting list. The first customer deliveries are scheduled to take place later this year.

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