Drag races are fun, especially when the contenders are at par with each other, or when the race ends up in an upset. Top Gear, however, decides to pit two hot hatches in a straight-line race, but it's definitely a mismatch. On the blue corner, it's a Ford Fiesta ST – a three-door pumped-up version of the small hatchback. Its challenger is a Mini Cooper S with five doors.

It would have been an exciting race, however, Top Gear somehow missed one major fact between the two cars – their spec sheets.

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Peeking at their numbers, the Fiesta ST has a major advantage against the iconic British hatchback. The Ford hot hatch's three-cylinder engine produces 197 bhp and 214 pound-feet of torque, numbers that are greater than what the Mini Cooper S could produce. Even better, the Fiesta ST is equipped with launch control and only weighs 1,262 kg.

The BMW-powered Mini Cooper S, on the other hand, has decent output numbers as well. It can work out 189 bhp and 221 lb-ft of torque, which aren't too shabby really. However, since the one used in the drag race was a five-door, it weighs significantly more than the Fiesta ST – 67 kg heavier to be exact. It's like the Cooper S was racing with an extra passenger inside.

With the Fiesta ST being more powerful, significantly lighter, and has launch control, are you expecting a miracle with the five-door Mini Cooper S winning? Not a chance, really.

It could have been a more exciting race if it's the three-door version of the Mini Cooper S that would face the Fiesta ST. With a lighter weight of 1,281 kg, it would somehow stand a chance. Plus, three doors versus three doors would have been a fair match, especially for the consumers who have both cars in their shopping list.

Source: Top Gear via Youtube