We’ve seen plenty of expedition vehicles – off-roaders with the capability to conquer tough terrain while carrying all the amenities of home. Quite a few of those are built from the epic Mercedes-Benz Unimog, and rightfully so. The rugged platform has been in production for over 70 years, but it’s not exactly small. That’s good for camping, but not as exciting for those wanting to enjoy proper off-roading.

Enter Orangework, a German-based company that built this cool off-road motorhome not on a Unimog chassis, but something a bit more manageable. Yes, that’s a Mercedes-Benz G-Class, but as the pictures show, it’s not simply wearing a camper shell on the back. It’s called the Lennson 3c, and underneath the yellow paint and camper shell is a G 350. The wheelbase was stretched 60 cm, and portal axles with suspension tweaks give it 45 cm of ground clearance. It rides on 18-inch beadlock wheels, and it’s equipped with a central tyre inflation system to raise and lower pressures without getting outside. Not only is it off-road capable, it’s off-road enjoyable.

Gallery: Orangework Mercedes G-Class Camper

Inside, a door separates the front seat passengers from the party in the back, and it’s definitely equipped for a good time. The camper shell itself is a one-piece mold, made from a fibreglass composite or full-on carbon fibre if you wish. There’s a full kitchen and bathroom with a hot water shower, and the rear seating/dining area converts to a bed. It can carry 100 litres of water, and should you desire an outdoor shower, there’s a hose at the back for that, too. We suspect, however, it might be better utilized to clean mud off your hiking boots before climbing inside.

It may look like a weird school bus, but this could be one of the coolest off-road campers we’ve seen. Admittedly we say that a lot, but this one doesn’t just add big tyres as an off-roading afterthought. It emphasizes the journey as much as the destination, and for that, we give it two thumbs up. We’re not sure how much it would cost to build – probably a lot – but from our vantage point, it’s probably worth every penny.

Source: Orangework, Explorer Magazin via YouTube