[Update]: The second video of the series is now live and the folks from Garage 54 are taking the next step by making the motorhome drivable. Watch the UAZ-based wooden RV receive headlights and taillights, as well as a sauna-inspired heater. We've moved the first video to the bottom of the story.

Our crazy Russian friends from Garage 54 on YouTube have a new interesting project. Here at Motor1.com, everyone loves recreational vehicles so we were excited when we saw the skilled mechanics are working on a motorhome – and not just a normal RV but a true mobile home. Seriously, it’s a house built on top of the chassis of an old UAZ bus. That has to be the definition of a motorhome.

The whole process starts with disassembling and cutting off most of the exterior panels of the rugged and rusty all-wheel-drive bus. The chassis is then enhanced with additional sidebars which should help it carry the additional weight of the construction. The walls of the house are then built from wooden beams which are perfectly aligned into a large box.

Once all the walls are built, the mechanics cut out openings for the windshield and rear window, as well as for the side doors. Because, you know, what’s a house on wheels without windows and doors.

It’s time for the first road test. Surprisingly, the motorhome is drivable despite the lack of side mirrors to help with maneuvering. Well, a power steering system would have been a nice addition considering the overall weight of the construction but turning the steering wheel is a problem only when the vehicle is static.

With all the walls on place, it’s time to put the roof. Judging by the video, that takes the mechanics less than an hour. After that, they install real windows and a wooden floor inside the small house, and even cover the roof with decorative tiles.

We can’t wait to see the next episode of Garage 54’s new series where the motorhome is probably going to be driven on public roads.


Source: Garage 54 on YouTube