Postcodes near the coast are the safest in Britain according to a new study from ClassicLine Insurance.

The specialist insurer received the fewest amount of accident claims from drivers on the coast, with Dundee on the eastern Scottish coast coming out on top... or on the bottom, whichever way you want to look at it.

In fact, the entire top 10 was made up with areas near the coast with the likes of Llandudno and Newport in Wales, Truro, Hull, Blackpool in England and Aberdeen in Scotland all making the list. Those on the list that aren't coastal aren't to far away from the water either, like Lancaster, Dorchester and Kilmarnock.

Llandundo bay and city Wales UK

"Our snapshot of UK motoring indicates that drivers in Dundee are the safest behind the wheel, whereas Londoners are most likely to be in a motoring prang," said Ian Fray, managing director at ClassicLine Insurance. "It also highlights that there must be something in the sea air which makes drivers more chilled out. Perhaps living near the coast makes people more relaxed and also more laid back in their driving habits."

Ten postcode areas with lowest accident claim frequency

  1. DD Dundee
  2. LL Llandudno
  3. TR Truro
  4. KA Kilmarnock
  5. HU Hull
  6. FY Blackpool
  7. NP Newport
  8. DT Dorchester
  9. AB Aberdeen
  10. LA Lancaster
Safest and most dangerous places to drive classic cars in UK

On the other side of the coin, London showed to be one of the worst areas for car crashes. In fact, as many as six postcodes from the capital were listed among the ten most frequent where owners of classic and specialist cars had been involved in a car crash. Liverpool, Halifax, Sunderland and Watford also featured a high frequency of accidents.

"London is one of the most congested cities in the world and presents its very own stresses and unique driving challenges, which might explain why so many areas around the capital have increased accident driving claims with us," Fray added."

"Given this scenario, our advice is to head to the seaside this weekend!"

Ten postcode areas with highest accident claim frequency

  1. NW London
  2. N London
  3. E London
  4. W London
  5. L Liverpool
  6. SW London
  7. HX Halifax
  8. SE London
  9. SR Sunderland
  10. WD Watford