There’s a brand new generation Volkswagen Passat for the North American market that is better in nearly every possible way than its predecessor despite its relatively old architecture. Customers in China are also enjoying a new Passat and Europe is the only region in the world to stick with the model revealed back in 2015. Earlier this week, however, the second best-selling Volkswagen on the Old Continent was given a subtle facelift which brought several new safety and driver assistance systems, as well as improvements under the bonnet.

Gallery: Volkswagen Passat Facelift (2019)

There are also several revisions to the exterior and interior, and this new comprehensive video from Autogefühl on YouTube should help you understand the design of the refreshed Euro-spec Passat. Obviously, the largest changes are focused at the front where the car gains a redesigned fascia with a new bumper, reshaped headlights, and a modified lower grille. Speaking of the headlights, LED technology is now standard for all the exterior lights of the car, while optionally available will be matrix LED headlights.

Depending on the selected trim, there’s a new diffuser at the back with what could probably be best described as decorative plastic exhaust mufflers. Also, the “Passat” lettering is now on the centre of the boot lid just like in the Passat’s more expensive Arteon brother.

Without any questions, the biggest novelty inside the cabin is Volkswagen’s third-generation infotainment system that works together with an improved digital instrument cluster. The touchscreen on the centre console can be now ordered in three different sizes - 6.5-, 8.0-, and 9.2-inches, once again depending on the trim level and optional equipment.

VW Passat Facelift (2019)
VW Passat Facelift (2019)

Volkswagen is set to begin accepting orders for the refreshed Passat on the European continent from May this year with first examples to be delivered in Germany at the end of August.