2019 marks the 12th consecutive year of the tie-up between Mercedes and Cigarette Racing, and what better way to mark the milestone if not by coming out with yet another special boat? Following last year’s Cigarette Racing 515 Project ONE inspired by the F1-engined One hypercar, the new boat will have an exterior livery inspired by another standalone AMG model, the GT 4-Door Coupe.

Technical specifications about the new fast boat are not available for the time being, but expect a tremendous amount of power that will easily outshine even the GT 63 S super saloon and its 630 bhp. After all, last year’s powerboat – pictured below – packed a mighty combined output 3,100 bhp from a pair of Mercury Racing quad-cam V8 engines running on race fuel – enough for a top speed of 140 mph. On regular 91 octane fuel in the U.S. the boat’s engines delivered “only” 1,350 bhp each for a grand total of 2,700 bhp.

Gallery: Cigarette Racing 515 Project One

If it’s anything like the ones before it, the new GT 4-Door Coupe-inspired powerboat will come with a so-called Pleasure key fob used when the owner is happy with the standard output of the engines on regular fuel, plus a Race key fob that unlocks the full potential on race fuel.

From the little info shared by Mercedes-AMG so far, we get to learn Daimler’s chief designer, Gorden Wagener, was responsible for the powerboat’s appearance. Combined with the Cigarette Racing's expertise in the domain, it “is sure to get your heart pumping out on the water,” according to a Facebook post published on the official Mercedes-AMG page.

Mercedes-AMG and the Cigarette Racing Team will introduce the new boat on February 14th at the 2019 Miami International Boat Show.