The Mercedes-Benz Citan debuted in 2012 as a rebadged and restyled version of Renault’s Kangoo commercial vehicle, and is now getting a range of more efficient and cleaner diesel engines. The OM 608 family includes a single 1.5-litre motor in three power stages, all complying with Europe’s latest emissions standards (Euro 6d-TEMP).

The new generation of the engine, which is sourced from Renault, is lighter than its predecessor thanks to weight-optimised steel pistons, new aluminium cylinder head, and reduced valve train masses. In addition, the pressure in the rail injection system has been increased from 1,600 bar to 2,000 bar and each injector can now inject fuel up to six times per work cycle.

Gallery: 2019 Mercedes-Benz Citan Tourer

Starting immediately, the Citan will be offered with 80 bhp, 95 bhp, or 116 bhp. The first to get the improved engines is the Tourer passenger version, which will be joined by the Citan Panel Van in the summer of 2019. The 1.5-litre engine is mated exclusively to a revised six-speed manual gearbox with “impressively comfortable gearshifting and reduced fuel consumption with a wider gear spread.”

Already available in some European markets for both the Citan Tourer and Citan Panel Van is a new design package which gives the small van a sportier appearance. The so-called RED Design Package brings red decorative strips beneath the front radiator grille and on the mirror housings, and grey sports strips running beneath the sliding doors to the rear wheel arch.

Mercedes explains that, while unusual for such a vehicle, the appearance pack comes as a result of the “thoroughly positive reception” the Citan concept got at last year’s International Commercial Vehicle Show in Hanover, Germany. 

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  • Well-established small people carrier with powerful four-cylinder diesel engine
  • OM 608 engine generation: quiet, low-emission and powerful
  • Sporty visual features for a more dynamic look
  • The Citan Tourer as a compact, safe van for passenger transport

Stuttgart – Mercedes-Benz Vans has been offering the Citan since 2012. This small people carrier with compact dimensions and a large load compartment is ideal for the wide range of challenges encountered about town and in leisure time. The main foundations for its success were laid by the combination of high functionality and economy, its extensive safety systems and high ride comfort. It is now being significantly enhanced by a new engine generation. With immediate effect, the Citan Tourer can be ordered with a high-torque four-cylinder diesel engine with a displacement of 1.5 litres, new 6-speed manual transmission and SCR technology. The engine family (OM 608) complies with the current emission class Euro 6d-TEMP and is available in three output categories for the Citan. The new RED Design Package also enhances the dynamic appearance of the small van.

The OM 608 engine generation: quiet, low-emission and powerful

The technical highlights of the OM 608 engine generation are a close-coupled exhaust gas aftertreatment system with AdBlue® technology, an electrically controlled exhaust gas turbocharger with a variable nozzle turbine for optimised response time, and a common rail injection system with an injection pressure of 2000 bar. The OM 608 is 4 kW more powerful than its predecessor (OM 607) and fulfils Euro 6d-TEMP, including the new requirements concerning Real Driving Emissions – RDE. The following specific measures were implemented in this regard:

Use of a combination of high-pressure and cooled low-pressure exhaust gas recirculation to optimise the untreated emissions. To this end the entire cooling system was revised, including the use of a water-cooled charge air cooler with significantly enhanced efficiency. For exhaust gas aftertreatment, SCR catalytic converters with AdBlue® metering are being used for the first time alongside the oxidation catalytic converter and the soot particle filter.

The cast-iron engine block is now lighter, whilst its rigidity has increased. Weight-optimised steel pistons are used, as before. The construction height of the new aluminium cylinder head has been lowered, and the moved masses of the valve train reduced. The intake manifold is now integrated into the cylinder head cover.

The common rail injection system's pressure was increased to 2000 bar (previously: 1600 bar). The electromagnetically controlled injectors have eight injection orifices. This facilitates precise combustion control through up to six injections per work cycle. Double preinjection is used to optimise the combustion noise in wide characteristics map ranges.

In the Citan Tourer the OM 608 is offered in combination with new 6-speed manual transmission. This small van boasts impressively comfortable gearshifting and reduced fuel consumption with a wider gear spread.

Three output categories are available: Citan Tourer 108 CDI (59 kW/80 hp, 210 Nm), Citan Tourer 109 CDI (70 kW/95 hp, 230 Nm) and Citan Tourer 111 CDI (85 kW/116 hp, 260 Nm), fuel consumption combined 4.8-4.6 l/100 km, CO2 emissions combined 127-121 g/km[1]. Following in the footsteps of the Tourer, in summer 2019 the Citan Panel Van will also be offered with the OM 608 diesel engine.

Sporty visual features for a more dynamic look

The Citan boosts its autonomous and attractive look with a new equipment line available with immediate effect. The RED Design Package enhances the exterior with highlights in colour and gives the small van a sportier character. The new package includes red decorative strips beneath the front radiator grille and on the mirror housings, and grey sports strips running beneath the sliding doors to the rear wheel arch. There is also a chromed radiator trim and a chrome trim strip on the tailgate. The package is available both for the Citan Tourer and for the Citan Panel Van.

The interior is also showcased with colour highlights as part of the RED Design Package. There are two styling packages to choose from here. The Colour Interior Design Package includes red trim rings on the ventilation rings and speakers as well as red topstitching on the front seats and on all head restraints. The second styling package, the Chrome Interior, features numerous chrome elements in the interior of the Citan, as per the red highlights.

The RED Design Package was unveiled for the first time on a concept vehicle at the 2018 International Commercial Vehicle Show in Hanover, to garner initial feedback from customers during the trade fair. As a result of the thoroughly positive reception, Mercedes-Benz Vans decided to include the RED Design Package in the range and make it available to customers straight away.

The Citan Tourer as a compact, safe van for passenger transport

The Citan Tourer wins points with its comfortable and back-friendly seats, secure lateral support and breathable and robust fabric covers. A functional interior with various stowage facilities plus optional floor compartments increase comfort. And thanks to a folding rear bench seat, in a few simple steps the passenger compartment can be transformed into a virtually level load compartment for transporting goods.

Like every Mercedes-Benz the Citan is extensively equipped with safety systems. These include the Electronic Stability Program ADAPTIVE ESP®, which is standard for all variants and takes into account the vehicle's load

status, as well as Brake Assist. In addition, assistance systems such as the light and rain sensor, tyre pressure monitoring and a reversing camera with display in the rear-view mirror which shows the direct surroundings of the rear of the vehicle, are available as options.

[1] The stated figures were obtained in accordance with the prescribed measuring process. They constitute the "NEDC CO2 figures" pursuant to Art. 2 no. 1 Implementing Regulation (EU) 2017/1153. Fuel consumption figures have been calculated on this basis.