Comedian and vintage car collector Jerry Seinfeld is currently in boiling water as a lawsuit has been filed against him in connection to an allegedly fake 1958 Porsche 356 that he sold. In a report by Newsday through Fox News, Fica Frio Limited accused Seinfeld of selling the collector a non-authentic car, which was bought for $1.54 million (approx. £1.1 million at the current exchange rate) at an auction in Amelia Island, Florida in March 2016. The amount paid included the 10 percent auction house commission.

The car in question was a 1958 Porsche 356 A 1500 GS/GT Carrera Speedster which was reported to be part of the Seinfeld's 18 rare and classic Porsches and VWs auctioned in 2016.

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The plaintiff wants unspecified damages to be paid off by Seinfeld, which includes all the cost associated with the allegedly fraudulent purchase.

As per the report by Newsday, Seinfeld acted upon the issue upon receiving the notice. The comedian left a voicemail in June to “offer my apology for this nuisance and assure you that you will be completely indemnified,” according to the lawsuit. He also “would love to know how your guys figured it out because I find that to be interesting cause that’s impressive my guys did not I guess see anything amiss with the car when I bought it.”

It was clear that Seinfeld was unaware and bemused that the classic Porsche he sold was fake as Fox News reported that his lawyer, Orin Snyder, acted in good faith. 

"He has asked Fica Frio for evidence to substantiate the allegations. Fica Frio ignored Jerry and instead filed this frivolous lawsuit," Snyder said in a statement.

Snyder also added that Seinfeld "is willing to do what's right and fair, and we are confident the court will support the need for an outside evaluator to examine the provenance of the car."

According to Newsday, lawyers for Fica Frio refused to comment.