The Mercedes Benz and Mercedes-Maybach S-Class cars have been a staple choice for powerful people. Politicians, business tycoons, prime ministers, and even president – you name it. More so, if it's the extended wheelbase six-seater Pullman version that we're talking about. The opulence and luxury that these cars carry make them a fitting choice for these people in power, and it's rightfully so because life-changing decisions should be talked about inside a very comfortable car.

That's why, with a car this posh and upscale, it should be treated with the utmost care, especially with its exterior paint. Just how, really? Thankfully, we stumbled upon this detailing process of a Mercedes-Maybach S600 Pullman – an excruciating process that takes 100 hours to complete.

Gallery: Maybach S-Class 100-Hour Detailing

The long detailing process was done by Topaz – a UK-based detailing centre that specializes in luxury cars like the S600 Pullman. In the seven-minute video, Topaz exposes its secret in doing its level 5 signature detail on the luxury car. The goal is to eliminate the "Orange Peel," which is a paint imperfection that could affect every car, even the half-a-million Pullman.

The process starts with masking every part of the car that's not painted. Even edges are masked with thin tape. Next, is dry sanding to neutralize the peaks and troughs of the clear coat. The next stage is wet sanding that involves multiple steps of finishing disc and machines. Machine polishing comes next to remove the sanding marks on the car. 

After the machine polish, a mirror-like reflection should already be seen on the car's paint. And then, finally, some finishing touches. Topaz also has "several secret steps" that they didn't expose on the video, but that's fine since attempting to do this 100-hour detailing would be tedious. Let the detailers do their thing.

The result is an awe-spiring Maybach S-Class that's so immaculate, it feels sinful to look at. Watch the video on top of this page to see the whole process.

Source: Topaz via Youtube