Dragtimes isn’t holding anything back as we head into the first weekend of February. This clip brings us a Huracán, a Performante one, and it’s not exactly stock. There’s a supercharger bolted to the 5.2-litre V10, and judging by the ear-piercing exhaust note we’re fairly certain the pipes aren’t stock either. According to the video it makes 850 bhp running on a petrol/E85 mixture, so yeah, it’s got some serious punch.

Meanwhile, the Dragtimes team brought out the big gun with the McLaren 720S. Unlike the Huracán, it’s bone stock right down to the nubs on the tyres but that doesn’t mean the hypercar doesn’t stand a chance. We saw this very McLaren run a blistering 9.85 quarter-mile pass against a Dodge Challenger Demon back in December, and most recently we saw it race a modified 720S at the same half-mile event featured here. That victory didn’t go to the stock McLaren, but it still ran over 170 mph. Either way you slice it, the 720S is a fast machine.

Gallery: McLaren 720S Vs Lamborghini Huracan Performante Drag Race

As mentioned, this is another race from the Wannagofast half-mile event that took place a couple weeks ago in Florida. The only disadvantage worth noting on the Lamborghini is its larger aftermarket wheels, which can certainly absorb some of the extra power it's making. Also, neither driver uses launch control for this run, instead relying on their own feet to get the job done.

We won’t spoil the race, but we will tell you it’s a damn good one from start to finish. The Lambo gets a slight advantage at the start, and when all was said and done, both cars had trap speeds within just a couple MPH of each other. Yes, the tweaked Lambo is awesome, but the 720S continues to amaze as well.

Source: Dragtimes via YouTube