Business up front, party in the back.

BMW has, justifiably, been getting lit up on social media over the size of the new 7 Series’ kidney grilles. The popular opinion on them seems to run the gamut from “they’re ugly” to “they’re ugly, gaudy, and ostentatious.”

Now, if there’s one way to get car enthusiasts to turn a corner on a much-maligned design, it’s to offer an estate variant. Aksyonov Nikita, a car designer/3D artist from Russia, must agree with us.

Nikita has created some amazing renders of a possible M7 estate (or "Touring," in BMW parlance), finally matching the utility and cargo capacity to those giant grilles. The new 7 Series is a big car, and there’s certainly a lot to love here.

We particularly like the trademark Hofmeister kink on the D-pillar, and the heckblende (full-width taillight trim). This thing definitely looks better from the back. In fact, blacking out all of the trim definitely helps the looks of the new 7 Series overall.

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We really appreciate Nikita’s attention to detail. The estate roof has low-profile roof rack rails, as you’d expect with a European estate. Unlike many photoshop artists, Aksyonov Nikita goes the extra mile, showing multiple angles, options, and colours.

In addition to the M7 estate, Nikita has also showed us an Individual 7 Series estate, as well as a “standard” xDrive estate. There’s even coupe and cabriolet concepts in addition to the estate.

The coupe looks a bit too much like a Bentley Continental GT for our tastes, but the convertible is reminiscent of a Rolls Royce, but wearing a roundel and a pair of massive kidney grilles.

Still, we’d like our ultra-luxury 7 Series with some extra cargo capacity – the sort that you can only get with a high-end estate.

Source: Aksyonov Nikita