It’s time for our regular dose of cool campervans. Our guest today originates from Japan but also has strong Scottish roots. Meet the Mitsubishi Delica D:5 Terrain campervan built by Campers Scotland which claims to be the country’s “premier campervan retailer.”

There’s an overhauled version of Mitsu’s MPV-SUV mashup on the market in some regions of the world, but this campervan is based on its predecessor which debuted in 2007. The two actually share the same underpinnings so it’s probably safe to say the D:5 Terrain is based on an up-to-date platform.

Mitsubishi Delica D:5 Terrain camper

The campervan can accommodate up to four people but seems to be designed with the adventurous couple in mind. Onboard you’ll find a fridge and a small “rugged” kitchen, powered by roof solar panels which store energy into a lithium super-power battery pack. The roof also elevates to provide additional space when you’ve reached your camping destination.

The vehicle will be introduced publicly at the upcoming caravan and motorhome expo in Glasgow from 7 to 10 February. The company will display a petrol-powered version with a 2.4-litre inline-four engine but a diesel variant is also available with a 2.2-litre turbodiesel engine. Power reaches all four wheels permanently.

Mitsubishi Delica D:5 Terrain camper

”Like no other camper on, or off the road, this 4WD campervan will take you and your crew off-road to wild and rugged places,” explains Campers Scotland founder and owner Gary Hayes. “Camp, cook, sleep in glens, near lochs, your favourite sandy beaches or forest. This ground-breaking, off-road campervan has multiple features you would expect from a top of the range Campervan with a host of cutting edge features designed for the truly adventurous spirit.”

The D:5 Terrain will be exhibited alongside the company’s previous JDM campervan offering based on the Toyota Alphard. In addition to building motorhomes, Campers Scotland is also importing Japanese domestic vehicles in the United Kingdom.

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Launch of Mitsubishi Delica Campervan – the D:5 Terrain from the Campervan Co

Campers Scotland are launching a robust, off road Mitsubishi Delica 4WD Campervan – the D:5 Terrain.

Established in 2006 with five Mazda Bongos, Campers Scotland originally started up as a hire company and has grown into Scotland’s premier campervan retailer.

After the success of the Hybrid and Tribrid line, the Eco Camper which launched three years ago, Campers Scotland expanded operations by switching to a production line model in order to keep up with demand and streamline the business’s production of bespoke camperisations. Annual turnover has taken a 30% jump in the last year from £1 million to £1.3 million.

As part of new expansion plans, the company is getting ready for a full rebrand - The Campervan Co. with four distinct sub brands: Campers – low emissions Petrol and Diesel, Eco Campers - Hybrid and TribridCampers Hire and Campers Care – Servicing and maintenance packages plus repairs.

The new Mitsubishi Delica Campervan - the D:5 Terrain is part of the Campers range.

Business owner and passionate campervan expert, Gary Hayes explains, ”Like no other camper on, or off the road, this 4WD campervan will take you and your crew off-road to wild and rugged places. Camp, cook, sleep in glens, near lochs, your favourite sandy beaches or forest. The Terrain is built to sleep and cater for four people. Cook using two renewable energy cookers (with two super-fast induction hobs), fill water bottles from the stream, switch on the diff-lock for slippy off-road surfaces and sleep in sub-zero temperatures comfortably. This ground-breaking, off-road campervan has multiple features you would expect from a top of the range Campervan with a host of cutting edge features designed for the truly adventurous spirit.”

The launch of The Mitsubishi Delica Campervan - the D:5 Terrain will be exhibited alongside the highly popular Toyota Alphard Hybrid/Tribrid - the Eco Camper, the new 5-seater Toyota Alphard Hybrid -  the Eco Explorer at The Scottish Caravan Motorhome & Holiday Home Show at The SEC In Glasgow from February 7 – 10.

Gary adds, “ We will be in Hall 1. Come and see us. We can get a test drive sorted for you.”

Campers Scotland is one of the UK’s largest and most respected Importers of high quality used Japanese vehicles in the UK. We also convert new vehicles and will have further announcements on this shortly. 

The Company is heading into a rapid period of growth and expansion. We are on track to be Scotland, UK's Europe's prime cutting-edge, innovative camper van design and manufacturer with ambitious plans to set up a distribution network and exporting to Canada, America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand. 


The Mitsubishi Delica 4WD Campervan – the D:5 Terrain starts at £27,995.

It comes in a 2.4 petrol engine

Fuel economy

It delivers 27mpg with 168bhp.

It is the equivalent of a 4-star rating for emissions that are 75% lower than required by Japan’s 2005 emission standards and 10% better than Japan’s 2010 fuel economy standards.

Features include:

Four-wheel drive (with 2WD switch option for normal road conditions)
Electronic differential lock switch
Elevating roof 
Sleeps four people
Two induction hobs
Cook inside or out with our patented omni-slide cooker
Lithium super-power battery
Solar panels
Rugged kitchen units with unique storage options
Removable storage pods that can attach to rugged rucksacks
Rugged flooring for extra grip and wear
USB docking stations for phones and electrical outdoor kit
Swivels seats to front
Removable table to cook inside or out
Optional raised suspension and off-road wheels
Diesel base vehicle option available

The D:5 base vehicle is built on an all new GS Platform that it shares with the Outlander, Lancer, Lancer Evolution X, and RSR (ASX in Australia). Mitsubishi's major improvements have come in the development of the chassis which is now a Rib-bone frame Monocoque. Features include:

Automatic Stability Control
Improves safety by automatically helps the driver regain control of the vehicle when it detects a loss in traction.

Anti-locking Brake System
Monitors wheel speeds and prevents lock-up of a wheel or wheels when braking. Ensuring the vehicle stopes earlier in emergency situations.

Electronic Brakeforce Distribution
Automatically varies the amount of force applied to each of the vehicles brakes based on road conditions, speed and the loading of the vehicle.

Switchable drive modes
Choose between 2WD mode which power’s the front wheels only, 4WD mode which supplies power to all four wheels through the limited slip differential and LOCK mode which locks the differential and supplies equal power to all four wheels, particularly useful in off-road low traction situations.

Active Cornering lights
These automatically activate when the driver comes to a corner and applies angle to the steering wheel. Very helpful in illuminating the road in tight turns and seeing street numbers. Only active when vehicle speed is under 40km/h.

SRS Airbags
Each models features a wide array of SRS airbags including, Driver and Front passenger airbags, side airbags, curtain airbags for all three rows, knee airbag for driver.

Smart Key System
The intelligent key system does not require a key to be inserted into the lock or ignition in order to open the car or start the engine. Often known as keyless go, the system enables the driver to merely keep the key on their person and when within 70cm of the vehicle, opening the drivers, front passenger or tailgate, the locks open automatically upon sensing the key in proximity. The engine is started by simply having the key inside the vehicle, depressing the brake pedal and turning the start switch to the start position. No more looking for keys in pockets or bags.

Seamless shifting in this continuously variable transmission. The benefits of this technology include fuel saving through optimisation of engine RPM based on throttle position with acceleration coming from the change in ratio rather than change in RPM. 

RISE – Reinforced Impact Safety Evolution
RISE is a monocoque body system that combines an energy-absorbing front and rear section with a strong, rigid occupant cell to provide protection in the event of an accident. It features high tensile steel reinforcing bars in doors and energy-absorbing material in the side pillars and roof rails. The body structure is based around a one-piece shell with high levels of bending and torsional rigidity, which provides a steel cage for the safety of both the driver and passengers.

Power doors
Automatic power side doors available in most models. 

Rough-terrain upgrade
For those looking for ultimate off-road experience, various optional upgrades are possible, such as chassis strengthening, super-performance brake callipers and disks, heightened suspension and scuff-kits.

Roof racks
There are a number of dealer optional roof racks and roof baskets available for the Terrain. The roof basket also has the option of a ladder fitted to the rear tail door.

Side and front bars
For extra protection at the front and side sills, our specially fitted front and side bars come as optional extras

Flood lights
For better night and off-road visibility, our front flood LEDs are a great addition to this unbeatable vehicle.

Tow up to 2.5 tons to take extra kit and explore even more of our wild and beautiful countryside.