With the new Toyota Supra out and about, it’s now time to wait until the first behind-the-wheel impressions arrive and, of course, until our turn to test the sports car comes. Hopefully, this won’t take too long but even if we have to wait a few months, don’t panic – there are plenty of Supra-related things that are yet to happen in the meantime, including the first real-world tuning projects and even more cool renderings. Like this one coming from talented designer Rain Prisk.

In case Rain Prisk doesn’t ring a bell, he can be best described as the virtual equivalent of Liberty Walk. Nearly all his creations are wild and wide, and some of them even feature modifications to the overall body proportions and shapes. His latest project is simply a Supra Shooting Brake. And, dare we say, it looks stunning.

This hypothetical car combines everything we love about the new Supra in terms of design, even though the BMW hardware underneath the skin might not be to everyone's liking, with a sexy shooting brake profile of the roof that seems to be inspired by the original BMW Z3 M Coupe. And since the new Supra shares a lot with the new Z4, this rendering makes even more sense.

To that, Rain Prisk’s rendering also adds a lower suspension, slightly wider wheel arches, and a new set of aftermarket wheels which, oddly enough, feature four lug nuts instead of the real car’s five-nut layout.

Judging by the comments under Prisk’s digital creation, auto enthusiasts seem to like his idea a lot. Most of them point out that this shooting brake looks better than the real car and are even encouraging the designer to show it to Toyota. Well done!

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