It’s safe to say Nissan and Italdesign took just about everyone by surprise in mid-2018 when the two companies revealed the GT-R50. Created to celebrate 50 years of the GT-R and at the same time half a century of the famous Italian design house, the special creation is more than just a reskinned GT-R Nismo. We’ve seen it in images and a couple of short official videos, but it’s only now we are being given the opportunity to really check out the ultra-expensive Godzilla.

Priced at €990,000 (approx. £880,000) in Europe before taxes and options, the Nissan GT-R50 by Italdesign made the journey to the United Arab Emirates where YouTuber Shmee had the opportunity to take it out for a spin at the Dubai Autodrome. Bear in mind the car featured in the video is a prototype finished in Liquid Kinetic Grey with Energetic Sigma Gold accents, but it looks just about the same as the production version depicted right below.

Gallery: Nissan GT-R50 by Italdesign, production design

The current-generation Nissan GT-R (R35) was introduced way back in 2007 and it’s understandably starting to show its age, but the talented team at Italdesign has managed to bring the supercar up to date in terms of styling. It actually looks more like a concept with those sleek headlights and “floating” taillights, not to mention the large retractable spoiler at the back and the cool side mirrors that look barely useable.

Beyond the radically updated exterior and the modified interior, the GT-R Nismo has gone through numerous other upgrades. Power of the twin-turbo 3.8-litre V6 has been increased to 710 bhp and 575 lb-ft, which meant the dual-clutch six-speed automatic transmission had to be reinforced to cope with the stronger engine. There are also beefier differentials and drive shafts, custom suspension with a Bilstein continuously adjustable damping system, along with Brembo brakes and bespoke wheels.

All these upgrades amount to an exorbitant asking price, but we won’t be too surprised if all 50 cars planned for production will find their rightful owners in just a few months. Early adopters will get their cars later this year, with customer deliveries to continue through 2020.

Note: Attached below are official images of the prototype.

Gallery: Nissan GTR-50 by Italdesign