We try not to get overly philosophical here at Motor1.com, but sometimes it can’t be helped. Consider this Honda Accord, which you see here wearing ridiculously large wheels and tyres. It’s safe to say this isn’t the first Honda to ride on 24-inch wheels, but there’s something far more important happening here. There’s a balance to the universe that must be maintained – good and evil, yin and yang, pizza and salad, everything must equal out in the end. Last week these very wheels were removed from a big Ram HD and replaced with teeny pizza cutters wearing skinny tyres. Now, the same YouTuber has appeased the natural order of things. The space-time continuum is safe.

Yes, Bug Bmx had such a good time with the miniscule wheels on the Ram that he couldn’t resist mounting the truck’s wheels to this 2000 Accord saloon. If we’re honest, a Jazz hatchback would’ve been preferable but hey, we’ll assume the Accord was readily available for the experiment. And it is quite an experiment, as the wheel/tyre combo is properly huge. The wheels are big by themselves, but the tyres aren't the typical rubber-band spec you find on tuner cars. These are 37-inch meats measuring a full 16 inches wide; no way could they fit underneath, even with a modest suspension lift. The only remaining option was to go out – way out.

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To maintain some measure of steering, special mounting plates for the both the hub and the wheels were fabricated from half-inch steel, and welded to custom 12-inch steel spacers. Yes, the mounting plates were actually welded to the wheels, albeit in just a few spots so presumably the rims could go back to the truck with minimal effort, barring catastrophic failure. After all, the video host estimates the Honda weighs at least 8,000 pounds (3,600 kg). We suspect some trolling could be happening here.

In short, the project works. There’s enough clearance for the front wheels to turn ever-so-slightly, and the increased ride height even gives the old saloon a bit of off-road prowess. If you’re hoping to see some Honda carnage or at least a modest burnout, you’ll be disappointed. Part of the saloon’s front fascia gets biffed while tackling snow banks, but tackle them it does.

With the proverbial scales thus balanced, what’s next for Bug Bmx? Whatever it is, expect it to weigh a lot.