There are a few different schools of thought when it comes to wheel spacers. When used properly, they're a great tool to perfect wheel fitment and create clearance. They can be especially useful when fitting widebody kits from companies like Rocket Bunny or Liberty Walk.

Use anything too big, though, and you probably should have just bought wheels with the proper offset in the first place. Extra-wide spacers can act like a lever, exerting force on components in ways they were never designed to accept. Conventional wisdom dictates that using too wide of a spacer will result in excessive wear on the suspension, brakes, and drivetrain components; namely, the wheel bearings.

Just for fun, though, the crew over at Life OD – a group of drifters hailing from the Pacific Northwest U.S. – decided to see just how many spacers they could fit on an S13 Nissan 240SX hatch (aka 200SX in the UK or 180SX if you're about that JDM life). With literal armfuls of flat-rate boxes filled with extra-wide, eBay-sourced spacers, they set to work.

The Life OD gang has a pretty healthy sense of humour about what they do. You'd have to fit around two feet of wheel spacers to a car for a joke video. With the right rear wheel all bolted up (along with about a dozen wheel spacers), they gently lowered the car onto the ground.

Some deflection was immediately apparent, and they were even brave enough to slowly drive a few feet forward just to bask in the ridiculous glory of the worst wheel fitment ever. Next, they focused their attention on the front end, mounting the extra-long, super-spacer contraption to the right front.

This time, they didn't dare try to set the car down on the ground. At full lock, it was clear that the wheel being out that far put a serious strain on the steering rack.

With the car then returned to its usual drift specification, the video closes with some sweet skids in the driveway. We feel like we've learned something today, we're just not sure exactly what.