We've seen enough things done on a Lada to kill its engine before. It has ingested vegetable oil, sugar, salt, and Coca-Cola only to see it live for a bit and then die. We've also seen one roar to life after being under water for a year. That's how tough Lada cars are, so you pretty much know that it can still run after drinking a bottle of Coke. But just how far, really?

Thankfully and not surprisingly, the folks over at Garage 54 on YouTube spared a little of their time and made this curious experiment a reality. Using an old, rusty Lada, these Russian guys poured a bottle of Coca-Cola into the fuel tank and then drove it around to see far it can go.

The car went through the first mile without any problems at all. However, after hitting the 1.05 miles mark, the Lada's engine started to act up. The driver tried to salvage the car and keep it running but to no avail – the car stalled shortly. He even tried jump-starting the vehicle while being towed but then again, there's only so much a Lada can take, especially if it's not really designed to use Coke as its fuel.

As expected, the Lada's oil filter was drenched in Coca-Cola, as well as its carburetor. We're guessing all the hoses are filled with Coke, too. 

Interestingly, the folks at Garage 54 tried to revive the rusty Lada by draining out the fuel system and changing the oil filter. Will the Lada come back to life after this attempt? Watch the video above up to the very end but don't be surprised – a Lada was able to survive subterranean environments for a year so why wouldn't it survive this one, right?

Source: Garage 54 via Youtube