Through the last few months, we’ve seen several heavily damaged premium vehicles being fully repaired and brought back to life. Most of them were located in Russia where Arthur Tussik the experienced repairman is literally doing magic to resurrect them. But this time, we are staying in the United Kingdom where we meet a team of enthusiastic mechanics fully restoring a 2018 Mercedes-AMG GLC 63 S after a heavy frontal crash.

It’s easy to notice this one was a nasty accident. Nearly all the airbags at the front of the cabin are deployed and the front suspension is completely smashed. The bodywork is also in need of a thorough inspection and repair. Bear in mind this is just the damage at first sight that’s visible without the car being disassembled.

The folks that are trying to bring back the damaged performance SUV to the road are all from the Kream Developments studio and this new video on their YouTube channel shows most of the processes involved into the restoration. It all starts with a proper fix of the suspension plus a wheel alignment.

Before its time for the painted body components to get in place, another precise alignment is required, this time of the engine compartment frame and the bumper’s crash bar. Once these operations are done and the exterior of the vehicle is back to its original shape, the mechanics take care of the blown airbags and the damaged plastics inside the cabin. Replacing the old modules and airbags with new ones is mandatory.

Reading through the above, it may seem like an easy job but it’s actually very, very difficult and time-consuming. Watch the video above and judge for yourself – is it safe to drive a vehicle that’s had a heavy crash and has been fully restored like this one? We vote yes.

Source: Kream Developments on YouTube