In case you live on this planet and have internet access, you are probably well aware of the fact that there’s a new generation Toyota Supra out. It received very mixed reactions from car enthusiasts after its debut but still managed to fetch £1.63 million at a recent auction. We’ll have to wait at least a few months until we see heavily tuned new-generation Supras so let’s stick to the predecessors for now. More precisely, to the fourth generation Supra which is regarded by many as the greatest sports car ever.

This one is a bit more special. It started its life as a twin-turbo automatic variant but is now running a large single turbo 3.0-litre straight-six engine. The stock power output is almost doubled – in its current configuration, this Supra has approximately 720 bhp, all sent to the rear wheels only. Yes, this thing will try to kill you.

But once you learn how to drive this beast, it can be quite fast. In fact, it’s claimed to be the fastest Supra to lap the Nurburgring at about 7:28 minutes and there’s even a video of it overtaking a Radical at the Green Hell. It may not be the prettiest car to look at, but speed is what matters here.

What’s the moral of this story? First, old Supras, especially Mark IV, are awesome. Seriously, the 2JZ series of engines has almost no limits – if you tune this unit more aggressively, you can easily go way over the 720-bhp mark and that won’t destroy it. Second, you’ll need certain skills behind the wheel to be able to control this wild animal. By the sound of it and the way it goes on straights, we can tell that’s a very demanding car on track. Learn more from the video at the top.

Source: LivingLifeFast on YouTube