The latest supercar from Lamborghini has us a bit smitten. No, the Huracán Evo isn’t a brand new model, but it does live up to its Evolution moniker. It has a bit more power, a bit more downforce, and as a result, it’s a bit more exciting to drive. Is it really just a bit better though? Shmee150 on YouTube put together a 44-minute video on his recent Evo experience on and off the track at Bahrain’s F1 circuit, where Lamborghini showcased the new Huracán for motoring journalists. We were there as well, though our time was spent more behind the wheel as opposed to behind the camera.

We’re grateful for Shmee150’s video tour, however, because it certainly highlights aspects of the Evo that can be tough to translate into text. The notable differences between the Lambo’s three driving modes are bit easier to see, especially while lapping the track at Bahrain. In fact, much of the video takes place behind the wheel, where we see the capability of the car in racing conditions as well as every day driving. Despite its exceptional performance, the Huracán seems surprisingly livable for daily activities.

Gallery: Lamborghini Huracan Evo video walkaround

What separates the Huracán Evo from the standard model? For starters, it packs the same 631 bhp as found in the Huracán Performante. It also boasts quite a few aero tweaks, though it lacks all the active aero components that make the Performante such a beast on the track. Still, Lamborghini says the Evo has six times the downforce as the standard Huracán, while also being seven times more aerodynamic. Further assisting the car’s handling prowess is a brake-assisted torque vectoring system as well as all-wheel steering, and it’s all managed by an updated computer brain that, as far as we can tell, functions on telepathy and magic.

If you have the time, this video goes into all kinds of detail on the new Huracán Evo, both inside and out. Or, you can jump to the five-minute mark for some positively epic V10 Lamborghini music.