Well, that didn't take long. Copart, a site that listing auctions for wrecked vehicles, is selling a crashed 2019 Lamborghini Urus. Bidding is currently at $115,000 (approx £88,000), meaning this a mighty expensive salvage operation. To make the sight of a totalled Lambo SUV even worse, this one only showed 752 miles on the odometer, so the owner didn't get to spend much time with the pricey crossover before the Urus met its doom. 

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The auction listing doesn't offer any details on the crash, but the photos tell some of the story. All of the damage is at the front end. Judging by the destruction, the passenger side took a little more of the impact because the bodywork is gone, leaving the upper rail exposed. A portion of the fender is still visible on the driver side.

Lamborghini Urus crash
Lamborghini Urus crash

There's complete chaos under the bonnet. The passenger side radiator is gone, and the air intakes no longer connect to anything. The battery looks ready to fall off the front of the SUV, and various pieces of plumbing under the bonnet appear dented. The block seems to be intact, but a buyer is signing up for a lot of work to get it running properly again. 

The interior is where an enterprising person might make some money from parting out this Urus. The airbags deployed, but the seats appear to be in perfect shape. A photo showing the mileage also indicates that the instrument cluster still functions. The rear seats are in similarly good condition.

The rear bodywork doesn't show any obvious damage, either. The auction winner could sell the pieces to a Urus owner looking to repair a minor fender bender.