Our friends at Dragtimes are back with a fresh drag race video, and this is a good one. We say that not because the race features a new Ford GT and a Dodge Challenger SRT Demon, nor because both cars are eyeball-searing yellow. Yes, there’s a clear winner at the end of the run, but the speeds are shockingly close considering the very different performance genres these two cars inhabit.

It’s also a good run because the action takes place not at a quarter-mile drag strip, but on a half-mile stretch of runway. The event – appropriately named Wannagofast – took place last weekend in Immokalee, Florida, and as the video shows, there were plenty of cars on hand for the action. It wasn’t just a line-up-and-go race either; organisers had a proper tree at the starting line, with timing lights and speed readouts for both the quarter-mile and half-mile.

Gallery: Ford GT vs Dodge Challenger Demon

As for the cars in this video, both machines were stock and the Demon was set up for its full 840-bhp drag strip punch. As such, one might assume the Demon has an advantage since the GT only dishes up 647 bhp, but the Demon is designed to launch hard from a prepped drag strip and dominate through a quarter-mile. An unprepped runway isn’t the Demon’s cup-of-tea, and at higher speeds beyond the quarter-mile mark, the Ford GTs smoother shape could have an advantage.

We nabbed a few screenshots from the video, and they probably tell the story. What the photos don’t tell, however, are the speeds from both cars. For the record, each driver had a lot of wheelspin off the line, but both cars ran 157 mph at the end of the half-mile run. Also, both cars were nearly identical at the quarter-mile mark, with the GT running ever-so-slightly faster at 129.34 mph versus 128.93 mph in the Demon. Talk about close.

Check out the video for the full action, and stay tuned for more. Dragtimes has a whole pile of races including the all-mighty McLaren 720S, and we’ll feature them as soon as they’re up.