You’ve just bought a shiny new Ferrari 812 Superfast but all of the sudden you’re not entirely pleased with how it looks? Enter Novitec. The German tuner is turning its attention towards Maranello’s V12-engined supercar after working on the McLaren 720S and the Lamborghini Huracan in recent times. The aftermarket specialist is taking things slowly by only coming out with visual upgrades and minor hardware changes, with a power pack for the naturally aspirated 6.5-litre unit to arrive at a later date.

Ferrari 812 Superfast by Novitec

The prancing horse adorning the wheel centre cap might tempt you into believing the supercar is riding on a set of original Ferrari shoes, but the 812 Superfast has actually been upgraded to Novitec’s forged wheel set developed with Vossen. Measuring 21 inches at the front axle and a massive 22 inches at the back, the new rims suit the car perfectly and are complemented by sport springs lowering the ride height by 35 millimetres to improve the centre of gravity.

Ferrari 812 Superfast by Novitec

Owners mustn’t be worried about damaging the front bumper when going over bumps as the tuner has implemented a front lift system that will raise the nose of the 812 Superfast by 40 mm by simply pressing a button mounted inside the cabin. At the back, the newly developed exhaust system saves up to 11 kilograms over the standard setup and boasts 110-mm tips finished in either matte or polished stainless steel. Active flaps to alter the soundtrack at a touch of a button are available, as is an ultra-light exhaust made from Inconel superalloy derived from Formula 1.

Ferrari 812 Superfast by Novitec

Cosmetic improvements for the high-performance coupe revolve around a carbon fibre package developed in the wind tunnel for maximum efficiency. There’s a front spoiler lip in matte or glossy finishes, custom rocker panels, dual air outlets on the bonnet, new side mirror caps, and a rear spoiler lip.

Ferrari 812 Superfast by Novitec

Novitec is working on a power bump for the V12 to take output beyond the stock 789 bhp and 530 lb-ft. In standard guise, the Ferrari 812 Superfast is already an absolute rocket, hitting 62 mph in 2.9 seconds and completing the 0-124 mph task in 7.9 seconds before maxing out at 211 mph.

The tuner is also offering an assortment of tweaks inside the cabin by allowing customers to pick between a multitude of Alcantara and leather finishes, along with plenty of carbon fibre accents and endless colour choices.


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New from NOVITEC for the Ferrari 812 Superfast:

Thrilling carbon racing design, hi-tech forged wheels up to 22 inches in diameter, high-performance exhaust system with sound control, and further exclusive accessories

The new Ferrari 812 Superfast is here and consequently is the focus of the latest developments from NOVITEC, the world's leading refinement specialist for the sports cars from Maranello.

NOVITEC carbon aerodynamic-enhancement components not only lend the two-seater an even more distinctive motorsport-inspired design, but also optimize the aerodynamics.

The staggered combination of 21-inch lightweight NOVITEC hi-tech forged wheels at the front and 22-inch wheels at the rear is equally attractive and efficient and puts even greater emphasis on the wedge shape of the coupe.

NOVITEC sport springs lower the center of gravity further. To negotiate everyday obstacles such as up and down ramps in underground parking structures, NOVITEC offers the front lift system, which allows raising the vehicle body at the front axle by 40 millimeters at the touch of a button.

While performance upgrades for the 6.5-liter V12 are still in the development phase, NOVITEC high-performance exhaust systems that optimize the power delivery and come optionally with actively controlled exhaust note are already available now. In addition, they offer weight savings of up to eleven kilograms over the production exhaust depending on the version.

Another NOVITEC specialty is crafting exclusive interiors tailored to the vehicle owner's preferences in every detail with regard to color and design.

Ferrari stands for motor racing and the NOVITEC designers emphasize this DNA with their new bodywork components for the 812 Superfast, which were fine-tuned in the wind tunnel. Their construction from naked carbon with a choice of high-gloss or matte coating produces full-blooded racing looks.

The combination of NOVITEC front spoiler lip for the production bumper and the NOVITEC surround for the center air intake, which tapers off into two flaps on either side that extend over the side air intakes, gives the two-door an even more dynamic appearance. What is more: Thanks to their sophisticated shape, they also reduce front-axle lift, which results in even greater handling stability, especially at high speeds.

To achieve an optimal aerodynamic balance, the rear end is upgraded by NOVITEC with a rear spoiler lip. The aerodynamic fine-tuning at the rear continues with a carbon upgrade for the rear fascia.

Tailor-made NOVITEC rocker panels route the airflow even more precisely along the sides of the vehicle. In addition, these components give the 812 Superfast an even lower and sleeker visual stance.

The two carbon air outlets on the hood and the surrounds for the side air outlets aft of the front fender wells add further motor racing touches. Carbon caps for the side mirrors round off the NOVITEC design program for the current top-of-the-range Ferrari model.

The new NOVITEC hi-tech forged wheels developed in cooperation with US wheel manufacturer Vossen play another important part in the even more spectacular looks of the enhanced 812 Superfast.

There are two different designs to choose from for the Ferrari 812 Superfast, both featuring a staggered combination of size 10Jx21 front wheels and rear wheels with a diameter of 22 inches that are a whopping 12.5 inches wide. This combination adds even more emphasis to the wedge shape of the sports car.

The NOVITEC NF8 Directional and NF9 wheels are available in a wide range of colors and can be further customized with brushed or polished surfaces.

Both types of wheels feature five delicately shaped pairs of spokes. As the name indicates, the NOVITEC NF8 Directional forged wheels offer another special stylistic feature: A special version of the wheel is manufactured for each corner of the vehicle. NOVITEC goes to these tremendous lengths to remedy a huge disadvantage of conventional wheels that feature spokes angled like a windmill. Usually, only one die is made to save costs, which has the drawback of the spokes turning in the right direction only on one side of the vehicle. On the other side, the spokes are angled in the opposite direction and seem to "brake" the vehicle visually. In addition, this styling also impairs the cooling and venting of the brakes on one side of the car.

The NOVITEC NF8 Directional wheels are quite different: The use of hi-tech forging technology allows designing and manufacturing each individual wheel of the set for being installed at a specific corner of the Ferrari. As a result, the spokes always turn in the aerodynamically optimal direction and thereby facilitate optimized brake cooling and venting.

Pirelli supplies the optimal high-performance tires for the enhanced super sports car, the P-Zero in sizes 275/30 ZR 21 for the front and 335/25 ZR 22 for the rear axle.

NOVITEC also offers sophisticated solutions for 812 Superfast drivers who prefer a sporty driving style. In addition, NOVITEC offers sport springs calibrated to the production suspension, which lower the ride height of the front-engine sports car by about 35 millimeters.

NOVITEC also offers a front lift system, which allows raising the front by 40 millimeters at the touch of a button to make it easier to navigate underground parking ramps or drive over speed tables. At a speed of 80 km/h, the front of the car automatically reverts to the standard level.

While the NOVITEC technical specialists are already working on performance upgrades for the 6.5-liter V12 of the 812 Superfast, an initial performance-optimizing option is already available, a NOVITEC high-performance exhaust system with 110-millimeter tailpipes with a choice of polished or matte stainless steel. These exhaust systems are available made from high-gloss stainless steel or can also be made from the even lighter INCONEL used in Formula 1 racing. This allows saving up to eleven kilograms in weight over the production system. Versions with actively controlled exhaust flaps are optionally available - optionally even with radio remote. In addition, NOVITEC also offers lighter and even more efficient sports catalysts.

NOVITEC offers individuality in its purest form for the Ferrari 812 Superfast as well. There are virtually no limits in terms of colors and designs for the leather, Alcantara and carbon interior appointments finished with consummate precision in very detail.