Pagani has a crazy looking Huayra under development, and the wildest thing about it is one of biggest rear diffusers imaginable on a road-going vehicle. The extra aero parts should make the hypercar stick like glue to a track.


This is only a brief look at the camouflaged Huayra, particularly at the front. From the glimpse here, it appears that this model uses the front splitter that's similar to the Huayra L’Ultimo, but with a different fascia that adds multiple uprights that connect to the tip of the bonnet. There are also vents on the side slightly ahead of the front wheels.


The real magic is at the back, though. Pagani fits a swoopy fin that runs from the roof snorkel to the rear wing. There's also no missing the stupendously huge diffuser. It spans the tail's entire width and features massive vanes for directing the airflow.


There are no details about this Huayra's powertrain. Given its track-ready look, we'd expect it to use the BC variant's more potent version of the 6.0-litre twin-turbo V12 that has over 750 bhp and 811 pound-feet of torque.

Pagani has a habit of building one-off variants for very wealthy clients, and that's possibly what we're seeing here. Someone wasn't happy with what a Huayra BC could do and wrote a big enough check to finance the hypercar maker to build something even more extreme.

The development of this Huayra appears to be largely complete, and stripping off the camo would likely reveal a beautiful machine. It seems possible that Pagani could have this variant on display at the Geneva Motor Show in March so we can see the machine without the perfunctory concealment.