Nissan is taking the versatility of the NV300 utility van to another level. Apart from being called the Renault Trafic, Opel Vivaro, and Fiat Talento as rebadged models of the corresponding brands, the Japanese automaker also made a camper version of it last year in Spain.

This time, however, Nissan turns it into something more: a mobile workshop for creative woodworking professionals. Dubbed as the Nissan NV300 Concept, it takes your wood-working tasks to a whole new height – because nothing's better than wood-working with a beautiful view.

Gallery: Nissan NV300 Concept at Brussels Motor Show

The new concept has been revealed at the Brussels Motor Show in Belgium. It's part of Nissan's goal to showcase the flexibility and versatility of its NV300 cargo van, making it an attractive LCV for business owners, working professionals, and artists. 

"With the NV300 Concept-van, Nissan is really thinking about the future of the commercial vehicle as an authentic partner for business customers," said Francesco Giacalone, LCV Planning and Marketing Director, Nissan Europe. "It's practical and versatile as well as innovative and self-sufficient with the addition of Nissan Energy ROAM. We believe it has enormous potential in the LCV sector and is a key differentiator for Nissan commercial vehicles."

The NV300 Concept comes equipped with an integrated portable battery solution called Nissan Energy ROAM. It's a weatherproof power source that provides emission-free and silent power while on the go. It has a storage capacity of 700 Wh and maximum power output of 1kW, making it a portable battery solution for mobile professionals. It can even be recharged using a solar panel accessory that can be mounted on the roof of the NV300 Concept-van – just in case you want to work on your wood in places where plugs aren't a thing yet.

Watch this video to see what the Nissan NV300 Concept with Nissan Energy Roam can do:


Source: Nissan