Incidents at boat launch ramps are rare, but certainly not unheard of. This time around it wasn’t a pickup truck going into the drink; it was a 12-metre motorhome, and the wacky headline at the top of the page isn’t clickbait – the dog was to blame.

Some 10 days ago, Tennessee resident and avid fisherman Eric Jackson towed his boat to Lake Sam Rayburn for a bit of practice ahead of a fishing tournament. Along for the trip was two-year-old Bodi, a Dalmatian whom we’re sure is adorable 99 percent of the time. The one percent, however, can be seriously brutal, especially if the dog happens to accidentally engage reverse in an motorhome parked at a boat launch.

As it happens, the entire chain-of-events was captured on video from not one, but two different locations. According to the report, Christian Corley with a company called YOLOtek was there and had cameras running. A quick visit to the TOLOtek website shows the company specializes in various camera mounts for fishing boats, and we might even be tempted to say this was all an elaborate viral video set-up if it wasn’t for the motorhome rolling backwards with a freaking person directly behind it. Also, the Dalmatian in question is clearly visible in the video, holding station at the driver’s seat.

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We don’t know what kind of damage the big motorhome suffered in the unintended bath, but we do know it went deep enough to float. As for the dog, the video concludes by saying “no dogs were harmed in the making of this Video [sic], but they may have been later. Just kidding.” At least this person has a crazy fishing story to tell. Too bad it doesn’t involve any actual fish.