Who wants a Ford-Focus-based off-roader? We know an SUV with Focus DNA is coming, but this is a little different and frankly, a lot more awesome. This isn’t Focus-based, this is a Focus, and a rally-ready RS model to boot. The render comes from Rain Prisk on Facebook, and it may well be the coolest thing you’ll see all day.

At a glance, you may think this is just an all-wheel-drive RS with massive tyres, and for the most part you’re right. When it comes to fish-out-of-water rides nothing beats bolting up mountain-climbing rubber to cars designed for tarmac duty, but a closer look reveals all kinds of neat details on this rendering. For starters, the wings – or rather, what’s left of them – sport massive wheel arches to accommodate those tyres. It gives the car a proper desert-apocalypse vibe while still looking good enough to invade the parking lot of a posh restaurant.


There’s more happening up front as well. The row of off-road lights in the grille is easy to spot, but you might miss the big skidplate tucked into the lower fascia where you’d expect to see an opening for the intercooler. That could make it harder for the mighty 2.3-litre turbo under the bonnet to breathe, but achieving ultimate speed really isn’t the mission for this made-over hatchback.

If there’s any complaint we have, it’s that the wings don’t look like they would accommodate much suspension travel for those massive tyres. You can bet the first thing we’d do with such a vehicle is jump the hell out of it, but landing would either be extremely rough, or extremely detrimental to the bodywork. Either way, we’d still be smiling.

What do you say, Ford? You want to SUV all the things? Here’s a good place to start.

Source: Rain Prisk via Facebook