The company's teaser video doesn't want you to know anything about this concept, yet.

A very enigmatic teaser from Nissan announces that the company has a concept to debut at the North American International Auto Show. The clip itself offers absolutely no clues about the machine, but the automaker's description to the video says the vehicle "embodies the future of Nissan Intelligent Mobility."

It's hard to tell, but the clip appears to show some sort of milling machine trimming material off the silhouette of a vehicle. Other shots depict a complicated framework and the moon. They are a very weird collection of images that don't tell us much about the concept.

While this concept's identity is a mystery, our partners at Inside EVs report on a rumour that Nissan and Infiniti intend to imagine its next-generation electric vehicles at the Detroit Auto Show. We already know that Infiniti is premiering its QX Inspiration Concept in Detroit, so this teaser could indicate that Nissan has one to debut, too.

The QX Inspiration Concept and mystery Nissan allegedly ride on the automaker's new electric vehicle architecture. They might also pack the company's latest battery packs that are thinner and denser than the current ones.

In December 2018, Nissan applied for trademarks in Europe for the names IMS and IMQ. Given the recent registration, one of these titles might appear on the concept coming to Detroit.

The Infiniti QX Inspiration Concept is the company's preview of its future design philosophy. The exterior features sleek headlights and a rounded face with a minimum of inlets. Rear-facing cameras replace traditional mirrors. There are no photos of the cabin yet, but the automaker describes the interior as "lounge-like" and uses materials "inspired by a subtle Japanese sensuality.”

Source: Nissan via YouTube