Note: Video above contains obscene language.

Whether it’s a mainstream Hyundai or a high-end Mercedes, buying a brand new car is an amazing experience most of us don’t get to enjoy as often as we’d like. It’s especially true when you’ve worked so hard and waited so long to get behind the wheel of your dream car – in this case being none other than the McLaren Senna. Famous YouTuber Salomondrin wanted one ever since first laying his eyes on the Woking supercar, and after finally getting his hands on it, he only got to drove it for less than two weeks.

With just about 400 miles on the odometer after only 11 days, the McLaren had an unexpected fiery end after a yet-to-be-determined malfunction. As sad as car enthusiast are after seeing the shocking footage with the supercar bursting into flames several times, what matters the most is that Salomondrin and his wife got out of the vehicle safe and sound.

Gallery: Salomondrin's McLaren Senna going up in flames

It’s too soon to say what caused the fire, but the driver noticed the car’s exhaust was spitting out flames while he was about to get back home together with his wife. After seeing the “flamethrower” in the back of his 789-bhp machine and realising he was in an area with lots of trees on both sides of a narrow road, he decided to step on the pedal to reach a safer area with less vegetation. Flames and trees are not exactly an ideal combination as a fire can rapidly expand and cause massive damages.

Salomondrin did try to put out the fire after pulling over, but it was too late as the engine compartment went up in flames. There was nothing for him to do but to see his precious Senna literally melt while he was waiting for the firefighters to arrive. The other cars slowed down and even came to a halt to check out the burning wreckage, and one of them actually blocked the fire truck for a few seconds. Those seconds obviously wouldn’t have saved the car, but what if there had been people trapped inside?

Check out the link below to see what Salomondrin had to say about the unfortunate incident on his website.