Ken Block's Hoonitruck was one of the stars of Gymkhana 10, and Alex Saint has managed to build his own pint-sized replica that's every bit as cool at probably a tenth of the price. It's as wild to drive, too. 

The Hoonitruck uses a 1977 Ford F-150 as its design inspiration, but Saint builds his out of a tiny 1971 Honda N600 with a pickup bed. Sitting fully exposed on the back, there's a Suzuki GSX-R 1.0-litre four-cylinder making roughly 190 bhp. In a vehicle weighing just over 454 kilograms, this is plenty of power.

Saint kept the motorcycle's sequential gearbox and rigged a handle onto the shifter for operating the clutch. According to Saint, "the motor fights the rear end" so he has to engage the clutch whenever he brakes. It sounds like quite a handful to keep under control. Plus, there's no tachometer, so Saint has to know when to shift by the sound of the engine. 

Riding in this little rig is a wild experience. There's a minimum of sound deadening, and the engine is just a few inches behind the cab. Plus, the ultra-short wheelbase and ample power to the rear let this little truck do donuts with ease. It's the type of overpowered ride you'd build in a Forza video game to do some stunt driving, but this thing exists in the real world. 

Saint originally bought his N600, which had been already converted into a tiny pickup, because he thought it would look cool in the bed of his lifted truck. This probably wasn't the best reason ever to buy a car, but we understand where Saint was coming from. After sitting around his garage for a while, Saint decided to do something special with the old car. The result of this work is incredible, and now he's investigating adding a turbo to make his mini Hoonitruck even more absurd.

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